Saturday, June 6, 2009

Friday Night in Femme-land

Tonight was our monthly Femme Mafia ATX meeting / etc time. One of our wicked talented members (Artist Femme, I shall call her) designed us the following logo:

Which, well, my femme BFF and I totally want to get inked on our thighs. Artist Femme squealed with delight when we revealed our plans. I'm presently envisioning the shoe/knife image on my right thigh, perhaps with a garter going around my thigh, and also perhaps with "Femme Mafia" or "Fierce Femme" or something similar going on.

But I digress.

We had gotten together this evening to stencil shirts and other attire. I made a patch for my favorite tote, since I don't really wear t-shirts:

I'm thrilled, and especially thrilled to have something so visible and recognizable. Because yes, crafting with my femme posse is kind of the best thing ever, but I am truly loving this community that we are building, bit by bit.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Beginning

It seems I do nothing these days but think, process endlessly, and write about femme stuff. Perhaps I can collect these thoughts all in one place.

I love googling "femme" or "femme identity" and discovering new blogs, new voices, new books, new everything coming out. The femme revolution - a femme I know said recently that it's finally starting. I couldn't agree more. And it sends tingles down my spine.

The magic of femmes together: fucking unstoppable. One night early this spring, two incredible femmes I know both happened to be in town visiting, and the three of us had the good fortune of being able to spend a little time as a trio. We were rocking glam that night, all tattoos and tits, boots and blood red lips. And I remember telling the friend who was sharing my bed, later that night, "The three of us, tonight, it felt like that good part of high school. Like I wanted to shoplift. Wait, that sounds petty. But I had this urge to just - fuck shit up. I felt dangerous and, yes, unstoppable. Like the three of us together.. a girl gang."

Or like this weekend, when some of my troupemates were producing this crazy huge drag (and other) performance showcase called Freakshow a Go Go. And there were a ton of femmes here. It felt like a mini Femme Conference. We had spontaneous femme pool party at my apartment building and lots of love and conversation and affection all weekend. I truly believe that if we all got to be together more than just a few days at a time, we would take over the world and solve everything. Just... magical. Explosive. Dynamic.