Saturday, June 6, 2009

Friday Night in Femme-land

Tonight was our monthly Femme Mafia ATX meeting / etc time. One of our wicked talented members (Artist Femme, I shall call her) designed us the following logo:

Which, well, my femme BFF and I totally want to get inked on our thighs. Artist Femme squealed with delight when we revealed our plans. I'm presently envisioning the shoe/knife image on my right thigh, perhaps with a garter going around my thigh, and also perhaps with "Femme Mafia" or "Fierce Femme" or something similar going on.

But I digress.

We had gotten together this evening to stencil shirts and other attire. I made a patch for my favorite tote, since I don't really wear t-shirts:

I'm thrilled, and especially thrilled to have something so visible and recognizable. Because yes, crafting with my femme posse is kind of the best thing ever, but I am truly loving this community that we are building, bit by bit.


  1. omg, thats amazing! FAQ PDX also had some stencil parties back in the day and it was pretty fun. we never had a log like that, I am totally jealous. if yall make more patches/stickers/buttons, send some up here and I will totally represent ATX femme pride up here in PDX.

  2. Yay!! I am making a screen so that we can make more easily :D